Stop Collections Now

Stop Collections Now - $99 BankruptcyCreditors and collection agencies may be contacting you non-stop about your debts. While the information below will not erase or reduce your debt like bankruptcy, I believe in giving free self-help when possible, enabling you to use your limited resources to pay your bankruptcy fees and expenses and get real relief.


Under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, third party collection agencies must stop collection activities if you request them to stop. (15 USC 1692c.) That does not bar the creditor from getting another collection agency or pursuing other means of collection, including litigation to obtain a judgment. However, to have some relief, you may send the following letter to each collection agency:

Your Name
Your Address

Date of Letter

Collector’s Name
Collector’s Address

RE: Collector’s account or reference information

Mr./Ms. Collector,

I demand that you cease and desist from any further attempt to communicate with me regarding the above referenced debt, pursuant to 15 USC 1692c.

I will continue to document all attempts to communicate with me with respect to the alleged debt. Any further such attempts by you will constitute a violation of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act.

Your Signature
Your Printed Name