$99 Bankruptcy – Chapter 13

$99 Bankruptcy for Chapter 13Is this really too good to be true?

Other attorneys charge from $500 to $1,500, plus expenses, before filing your case. If you had that kind of cash, you would not be filing bankruptcy.


I do it because it is the same work to me whether I file the case with $1,500 or $99 up front.

For $99, you get started toward bankruptcy relief sooner, you get creditor calls to stop earlier, and you get on with your life now. I understand you are already in a difficult and stressful situation.

With my low fee, and competent, quick service, I hope you will be a happy and satisfied client, and that you will recommend me to family and friends.


Nationwide, over 50% of Chapter 13 cases fail. With nearly fifteen years of experience in Chapter 13 bankruptcy, my clients have a much higher rate of success. Their cases are approved by the Court and they get their debts erased or reduced. Many times I can even lower your monthly payments on the things you want to keep, like your car or TV.


The following pre-filing Court costs and expenses must be paid through my office, before your bankruptcy case can be prepared under Chapter 13:

  • Credit report – $70 for a joint case, $35 for a single case. We will pull your credit report from the major credit reporting agencies and download it into our bankruptcy software. We cannot accept a credit report except in this manner.
  • Court costs – $310 (currently).
  • Pre-filing and post-credit counseling fee – $60.

Payment arrangements can be made for these costs and expenses.

In addition to the above costs and expenses, my program defers or finances your attorney fees. The balance of the attorney fees can be paid after your case is filed. We will discuss the balance during your free consultation.

In order to pay the balance of the attorney fees after the case is filed, you must be employed at the same employer for at least two years, and be willing to have your Chapter 13 plan payment deducted from your paycheck. This ensures success of your case.

The balance of fees can be from $3,500 or more, depending on the complexity of your case and/or amount of work required for your case. The decision to defer all or only a portion of these attorney fees is completely within the discretion of the attorney. A written fee agreement specifically outlining the amount required prior to filing your case and the total amount to be charged will be presented at your consultation.